3 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing Isn’t Dead -But It’s Definitely Evolving!

published May 11, 2022

by Jennifer Van Leuven

With the exponential growth and evolution of digital media marketing over the years, it’s easy to believe that technologically-focused marketing methods are now the only optional frontiers that work in the world of marketing. However, this is far from the truth! While digital marketing offers a fresh, new perspective that was not possible with traditional marketing methods prior, we can still integrate these two amazing avenues to reach consumers on a more effective level than we ever have as well. But how can we combine the benefits of these two worlds together – and still keep traditional marketing relevant?

1) Consumers Still Expect Traditional Marketing in Daily Life

Billboards, TV commercials, radio, print, direct mail, and event opportunities are marketing methods that have been around for a long time and can still apply to consumers’ lives today. We are accustomed to seeing traditional marketing in our daily lives – from the TV commercials while watching the news, to seeing billboards and listening to the radio on our way to work, and seeing companies at local events – that we almost expect to experience on a daily basis. In the US alone, working adults spend an average of 25 minutes a day in their vehicles for their weekday commute – presenting the opportunity to market the target audience on billboards and via radio marketing with exceptional results. Studies have shown that about 244 million Americans ages 12 and older still listen to the radio each week! 71% of people have also said they’ve been consciously engaged by billboards (source: Harleydream)

2) TV Marketing Still Reaches 95% of US Consumers

As the ratings behemoths, Nielsen and Comscore, have been drastically increasing their measuring and targeting capabilities, stations have increased their delivery capabilities. When you pair this with the fact that TV reaches 95% of U.S. consumers, you can assume TV is still relevant. In 2021, TV still reigns supreme as one of the leading advertising platforms—ranking first overall. They account for more than 30% of the total ad spend globally (source Marketingedge). The important takeaway is that TV marketing strategies are still a very important, core component in a media marketing mix and not going anywhere anytime soon!

3) Consumers Trust Traditional Marketing Methods

On a psychological level, consumers are more likely to see a brand as trustworthy and credible when time-tested traditional methods of marketing are used – such as direct mail, a magazine ad, an advertisement on the radio or billboard, or seeing a commercial, because it shows the company as more established and stable. Studies have shown that traditional marketing methods are more sustainable and leave a stronger impression on consumers than digital marketing – 8 out of 10 consumers in a MarketingSherpa study say they usually trust print advertising (82 percent) and television advertising (80 percent) when making a purchasing decision. Direct mail advertising (76 percent), radio advertising (71 percent) and out-of-home advertising (69 percent) followed close behind in terms of trustworthiness. In fact, the top five most trusted ad formats are all traditional media.


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In conclusion, there is no doubt that traditional advertising has, and will continue to, change and evolve with the times. However, the goal of marketing will always remain the same: to build strong, effective marketing strategies that will help a brand achieve its goals in reaching and building their audience. Approaching marketing with an open-mind that can utilize the strengths of tried-and-true methods, discard what no longer works, and adopt an integrative method of marketing – traditional and digital, alike – may best reach the needs of both established and up-and-c

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