Finding Growth in an Algorithm Made for Community Connections

Updated April 25, 2024 Every day, small business owners and their marketing teams log into their social media accounts to sift through notifications, reviews, and a section many prefer to ignore—the INSIGHTS. Yet, this section is not something to fear; it offers vast opportunities for business growth and success. Here’s some context: Back in 2019, […]

3 Tips To Reignite Connection With Your Audience On Social Media

phone with social icons

by Jennifer Van Leuven While many businesses today realize how important it is to establish an online presence for their audience, social media is still a very big and ever-changing universe that can be challenging and confusing at times. On top of this, trends are always appearing – then rapidly becoming irrelevant – leaving the […]

3 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing Isn’t Dead -But It’s Definitely Evolving!

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by Jennifer Van Leuven With the exponential growth and evolution of digital media marketing over the years, it’s easy to believe that technologically-focused marketing methods are now the only optional frontiers that work in the world of marketing. However, this is far from the truth! While digital marketing offers a fresh, new perspective that was […]